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   Founding Statement

Founding Statement of Marx Communnale
     Capitalism has grown into a worldwide system and is extending class
contradictions globally. It is intensifying the exploitation of people across the globe while creating environmental catastrophe and intensifying sexual,
gender and racial oppression. In the last two decades, the anti-democratic
and barbaric nature of globalized neoliberalism has become especially clear. Global deteriorating living conditions adds urgency to the task of the
international Left: to be united in resistance to neoliberalism and struggles
for an alternative globalization. To meet the demands of the times, Korean
progressives have gathered together again under the name of Marx
Communale. We seek new ways of creating spaces, theoretically and
practically, to fight back against neoliberal globalized capitalism. We appeal
to the spirit and method of Marx and Marxism, forgotten rapidly after the
collapses of Soviet-Russia and Eastern Europe but even more relevant
today. We invite workers, students, teachers, artists, activists, scholars and everyone interested in building our common struggle to participate in
Marx Communnale.
The Organizing Committee of Marx Communnale

e-mail: marxcommunnale@gmail.com
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